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Video advertising:

Get professional SoMe advertising solutions specialized for artists/MGMTs, booking and event agencies +++!

I will deliver professional adverts catered to your campaigns/brand needs. Based on your target-audience, you will receive high quality files that seemlessly fits the format of any social media platform you wish to promote your campaign on. The most effective way to reach out to your target with ticket information, venue, time and other key information! In most cases I can deliver projects within a two day turnover time ready for you to post online!

Example pricing:

1 x video (15-30 sec.) for any platform: EUR 250,-*
Videoes in any additional platform/format based on same content: EUR 50,-*

Full project example:

(3 x platforms/formats, e.g. Youtube, Instastory and Facebook-feed): EUR 350,-*

*Example prices are exluded VAT/MVA

What we need:

Source video/audio (DL/Youtube links), event/campaign info (e.g. Artist, venue, time, ticket-info, sponsors etc.), formats/platforms that the advert will run on, if applicable any additional press-material that relates to the campaign. The more you have the better!

What you get:

Ready to post professional video(s) for the social media platform(s) you requested.


SoMe@YoyoStuff.co with a description of your project.

100% satisfaction guarantee on first inquiry!

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